60th Celebration - Valleymount Parish

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60th Celebration

Deacon Gerry celebrates 60 years

A Large gathering of parishioners assembled in Valleymount  Community Hall to mark the 60th birthday of our Deacon Gerry Malone.

Gerry was presented with the gift of a stole and vestments from the parish in gratitude for his pastoral work in the community. Gerry has endeared himself to young and old alike with his warmth and empathy, as well as providing much needed support for our hardworking PP Fr Richard. Fr Teddy Downes, now retired, joined in the celebrations as it was he who encouraged Deacon Gerry to consider studying for the diaconate.
We wish Deacon Gerry many years of good health and a harvest of blessings on his ministry.
Ad Multos Annos.
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