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Crib Exhibition
The Crib Exhibition held in the Coimín Centre Blessington was the work of our Pastoral Worker Aine Egan. The idea had a simple beginning, with visitors admiring a crib she displayed in her home all year.
She decided to write to a number of people looking for donations of cribs for the exhibition. She even wrote to Pope Francis!
Once the seed was sown, cribs emerged from all over the world, over 100 in all. They came from places as far away as Chile , Argentina, Haiti, the Congo, Bethlehem, Russia to mention just a few. Some were quite ornate, others incorporated the simplest of materials to weave and carve the figures, but  all of them gave the same message  - the universality of the family created in love , born from the One who came into the world to redeem us.

This exhibition on "Gaudate Sunday" provided the opportunity to turn away from the commercial busyness of   Advent and direct our thoughts to the simple humble manger, where Jesus was born and where he continues to live among us, a reminder of the constant presence of God.
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