Street Fest 2019 - Valleymount Parish

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Street Fest 2019

Lacken Community  Centre Street Feast May 5th 2019

Lacken Community Centre was one of 73 locations in Wicklow to host the annual Street Feast which is now marking its 10th year. It was founded by Sam Bishop as a way of bringing people together and creating a rich Community Spirit in an age where many people do not know their neighbours and are experiencing high levels of isolation.
The positive spin off from Street Feast has now led to other community projects, like setting up resident's associations, community gardens and men's sheds.
The good weather on Sunday provided the perfect opportunity to have the Big Hello, sample the delicious food outdoors and allow the children to enjoy a game of skittles or juggle around with the hoola hoops. What was so encouraging was to see young and old engage in conversation in the tranquil setting overlooking the Blessington Lakes.
Inside the Community Centre, Lacken School children displayed their own creations of Super Garden and judging by the high standard of the projects, we won't be short of budding gardeners to enhance our village in the future.  

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